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Thx for stopping by and taking a look @ our family business. We'd like to take a moment and tell you a little about ourselves.

Kip - Born and raised in Alaska where I lived for 27 years before moving to Gilbert, Arizona. I've now lived in Gilbert for 20 years as of July 2017. My dad Kip Sr. first discovered the game of Cornhole and became very good @ it. It was his love of the game that prompted me to give it a try. Although I wasn't very good when I first started I practiced every night for months and months mastering the game. My dad would come over almost nightly, him giving me pointers, mixed with a little smack talk every now and then. We had some good times, made some good memories.

Jade - A honor roll student, serves on the student council @ school & born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona. Jades learning how to run a business with his dad. Everything from expenses to income, customer service, and good ole hard work. Jades main business duties are assisting the customer with their cornhole bags. He might tell you about the skill sets the professional cornhole bags allow. From sticking to the boards on one side of the bag, to sliding on the boards with the other side of the bag. He also makes sure the cornhole boards are checked back into inventory on the website so they can be rented by the next customer.

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